Travel restrictions to Greece


Travel restrictions to Greece

After an increased number of cases detected the last days to travelers returning from various parts of Greece, the Ministry of Health announces that, after evaluation, Greece is classified in Category B with effect from 6 August 2020. 

Passengers have to conduct, a test confirming negative PCR for Covid-19 during the last 72 hours before their travel to the Republic of Cyprus and possess a certificate which confirms negative PCR for Covid-19, issued from a certified laboratory. Cypriot citizens and members of their families and legally residents of the Republic have the option to take the test upon arrival at Larnaca and Paphos Airports. The cost of the examination is covered by travelers themselves (60EUR). 

It is further emphasized that all passengers, regardless of citizenship are required to apply for a Cyprus Flight Pass ( within 24 hours before their flight. 

Each family member must complete a separate application. In the case of minors passengers under the age of 18, accompanied or unaccompanied, the application must be completed, on behalf of the minors, by the custodian parent(s)/ adoptive parent(s) / legal guardian / legal representative (s).